More about WOW

Our WOW programmes care for women and girls physically, emotionally and spiritually, and release them from a life of poverty, rejection and fear. We want women and girls to understand that despite their background and how society treats them, they have incredible potential, and are loved, accepted and valued by God, that they are women of worth – WOW!

WOW works in India, Africa, Philippines and Bulgaria.

Education Opportunities 

Women and girls comprise two-thirds of the world‘s illiterate population, and more than 40% of girls in Africa do not have access to education.If a girl receives just five years of schooling, her children will have a survival rate 40% higher than children of women with no education. WOW provides the opportunity for girls to attend school, and even university.

Self-Sustainability Opportunities

WOW believes that if a woman can become self-sufficient, this means that she can feed her family, and educate her children. This leads to empowerment, self-worth and breaks the cycle of poverty. Our WOW programmes offer women the opportunity of business enterprise.

Counselling and Prayer

Many of the women and girls on our programmes have faced abuse, trauma and neglect. Through prayer, friendship, care and counselling we help them to heal emotionally and overcome their past.

Life Skills

We teach women life skills such as health, hygiene, first aid, nutrition, childcare, and business skills. Women with these skills are able to provide a safe, caring environment for their family, and are less likely to be taken advantage of.

Food, Healthcare and Shelter

With your donation we can help to give women and girls nutritious food, access to healthcare and a safe place to live.