WOW Partners


“I have been a supporter of World of Worth for the last two decades. During that time I have had the privilege to serve as a trustee and have witnessed the impact the ministry has had and continues to have on the lives of some of the most vulnerable men, women and children across the world.

World of Worth continues to encourage local churches and raises the awareness of those living in poverty. The ministry educates, equips and empowers individuals and families not to be enslaved by the horrific situations they find themselves in. The ultimate goal of WOW is to introduce people to Jesus Christ.

As the Senior Leader of Riviera Life Church in Torquay also, I have benefited from the input of the directors of World of Worth and the church congregation here have developed a wider perspective of mission locally, nationally and globally.” 

Ian Williams

Senior Leader Rivieria Life Church

"Working with WOW is rewarding. When a church invests its money into overseas aid through WOW, they can be confident in knowing exactly where is goes. Projects are regularly inspected and value for money is a reality.

Pastors and church members are encouraged to go on mission with WOW teams and get personally involved. Missions giving requires a great deal of trust and World of Worth are the most trustworthy people I have had the privilege to work with. They really do make a difference, something I have witnessed for myself.

I am proud to say that we are a WOW supporting church.

Mike Symonds

Senior Pastor Engage Southwest.