We are passionate about restoring dignity and worth to families and communities who struggle with the effects of living in extreme poverty. WOW works in developing nations to give communities a hand up, not a hand out enabling them to create a sustainable future. 

We work with people who have been marginalised by society and give them the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and for the next generation. WOW is a Christian Charity founded on the values of faith, hope and love.

WOW works in India, Africa, Philippines and Bulgaria.


A life transformed.... Meet Jayashri


I am Jayashree I am on the Esther Project, this is my story

My father left the family, taking my sister with him. I was 6 years old.

My mother died on 12th May 2009.She opened the door of a fast moving train, took hold of me and jumped out. I was 9 years old.


WOW Sundae will be on 22nd October

The Great WOW Bake Off!

This year will you join us for WOW Chocolate Sundae, oops sorry I meant Sunday!

We are asking all our supporters to organise a Great WOW Bake Off, for the best chocolate cake, to raise money for WOW.

All you have to do is invite a few friends to bake a chocolate cake and enter it in the competition for a small fee, appoint a couple of judges, invite more friends round, and then enjoy the cakes after the judging has finished for a donation per slice of course!


Help make it a WOW Christmas

We love our name! The word WOW means an exclamation of amazement, for something pleasing or good. Further more it stands for something great – World of Worth. We are passionate about building a world in which people know they have great value and worth in God’s eyes.

So this year, we want to bless all the men, women and children in our projects, for them to open a gift this Christmas and say WOW! Giving a gift expresses love and care, and that is what WOW is all about, expressing our love and care to those who have been neglected, abandoned and marginalised.

Please will you help us to buy a gift this Christmas by donating to our Christmas appeal. We are asking for a donation of £10, but welcome all donations, no matter how small (or large!)