World of Worth is passionate about restoring dignity and hope to women and girls, helping them to understand that they have value and worth. We want women who have been marginalised, neglected and abandoned to experience love and compassion, and provide them with opportunities to transform their world through our WOW Programmes. WOW works with women and girls who live in extreme poverty, helping them to create a self-sustainable future.


Women are disadvantaged in many ways. It is common for women to be marginalised, face gender inequality and to be subjected to violence and abuse. Many women lose all rights to property when their husbands die, and are left destitute, living on the streets with their children. WOW provides women with healthcare, shelter and food.


Many girls in developing nations are denied the right of an education, have no access to healthcare and are not safe, even in their own homes.
This means that women and girls remain vulnerable and oppressed. Through education, training and self-sustainable business opportunities, WOW wants them to know that they are women of worth.


Christmas 2021 Joy to the world

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Plant a tree for £1

We need to raise £1250 per year to plant 1250 trees.
When harvested, the wood from 1000 trees will bring an estimated return of £33,000

COVID Update

Funds have reached our projects and food parcels, aid and support are been distributed.