WOW India

Gender inequality means that girls in India are often denied the right to an education, forced into marriage in their early teens and are even at risk of infanticide. Violence and abuse is commonplace amongst girls, particularly in rural areas, and girls grow up feeling rejected and worthless. Girls are at risk of trafficking, exploitation and bonded labour.

Widows in India are often seen as cursed because their husband has died. This means they are rejected by family and society, and struggle to care for themselves and their children. With little or no means of support, many women are forced into begging or prostitution just to survive.

The bible says that we are to care for the orphans and widows in their distress, and WOW works in the states of Tamil Nadu and Bihar, caring for children in five children’s homes, an education programme, and a girls’ higher education programme. WOW also cares for over 300 widows, supporting them with healthcare, finances, and prayer and emotional support, sharing with them the love of Jesus, and helping them to understand that they have value and worth in His eyes.