WOW Mozambique

Girls in Mozambique face gender discrimination, child marriage and violence. There is widespread sexual abuse from teachers who promise better grades and access to university.

The risk for major diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis is very high in Mozambique. Lack of clean water is a major issue, with less than half of the population having access to running water. There are many orphans due to HIV/AIDS and there is a high prevalence of HIV amongst young women, almost three times higher than young men.

Girls and women are vulnerable to exploitation, and remain illiterate and unaware of their rights. WOW wants to provide these women and children with a hand up, not a hand out, and to give them life skills, an education, business enterprise opportunities and to share with them the love of God which transforms communities.

WOW supports a children’s home in Maxixe, where the children have access to a good education, and employment opportunities. A borewell has been provided, giving clean water to the community, and an agricultural sustainability programme has been started.

In the province of Inhambane, several churches have been planted, and Pastors are being supported as they reach out into the local communities, providing healthcare training, agricultural training and a place where people hear about the transforming love of God.