WOW Uganda

WOW works with 75 widows in Arua, Northern Uganda, providing them with sustainable income generation opportunities. Training is given in perma-gardening, and each woman has her own perma-garden to generate income. The women also are trained in micro-businesses to create self-sustainability. WOW owns 20 acres of agricultural land, where crops are grown to support the project, providing food, and fresh water for the widows. WOW has also built a maize mill which generates income for the project. 

WOW is also planting a forest, which when mature, will support the project in it's entirety. We aim to plant 10,000 trees, and to maintain the forest at this level, helping to support the environment and the local community.  For more information about the WOW forest, click here.

Malaria is a high risk in this area, so mosquito nets and health checks are provided regularly. These women are loved and cared for and know they are women of worth.

WOW aims to change the lives of widows in this area, as many women in rural Uganda are illiterate and unaware of their rights. When their husbands die, women lose the rights to their property and are forced to return to their villages with their children, often with no means of income. Although education is free in Uganda, women are unable to pay for their children’s exam fees, books and uniforms. Many girls do not finish school and are therefore unable to access employment opportunities that would break the cycle of poverty for their family and future generations. Widows often live with shame and rejection, and WOW wants these women and girls to experience freedom and joy, and to create a thriving community of self-sufficient families.


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