WOW Uganda

Many women in rural Uganda are illiterate and unaware of their rights. When their husbands die, their property is often confiscated by the husband’s family and they are thrown out of their village. Many women are left to beg on the streets with their children. Although education is free in Uganda, women are unable to pay for their children’s exam fees, books and uniforms, meaning that their children remain uneducated and unable to access good employment opportunities that would break the cycle of poverty for their family and future generations.  Women are living with fear, shame and rejection, and WOW wants them to experience freedom and joy.

WOW works with 70 widows in Arua, Northern Uganda, providing them with sustainable income generation opportunities, to help them support their families. WOW owns 20 acres of agricultural land, where crops are grown to support the project, providing food, and fresh water for the widows. Training is given in perma-gardening, and each woman has her own perma-garden to generate income. Malaria is a high risk in this area, so mosquito nets and health checks are provided regularly. More importantly, the women are loved and cared for and know they are women of worth.